The process of divorce is often made more painful and more challenging when children are involved. When a couple has children, their lives change in many ways. This is because parents are often aware that their behavior will have a major effect on the lives of their children. Unfortunately, sometimes a couple needs to get a divorce, which will likely upset the children and affect them for the rest of their lives. However, Florida parents can learn how to make the process easier for their children to deal with.

Children are very perceptive to what goes on around them, so it is important for parents to remember that. Parents should learn to put aside their own anger and sadness for the sake of their children. The focus should be on making sure that their children maintain relationships with both parents, unless a parent is abusive or dangerous to the child in any way.

Parents can encourage these relationships by not saying negative things about the other parent in front of the children, and allowing children to freely talk about the other parent. Parents should not use the child as a middle man between themselves and the other parent. Most importantly, parents need to realize that they cannot control everything that goes on in the other parent's household, and they should trust that the other parent will properly care for the child, unless there is serious evidence to the contrary.

Parents today have even more reason to get along. Courts nowadays are encouraging joint custody, which is usually beneficial to both parents, as well as the children. The parent who has physical custody of the child is typically considered the custodial parent, and makes most day-to-day decisions regarding the child. The non-custodial parent typically has visitation rights. The parents may decide to make most major decisions together. If there is a dispute over who should get custody, the courts will decide.

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