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Shared Parenting Plans

Orlando Shared Parenting Plan Attorney

Florida Parental Time Sharing Lawyer

Florida law has changed the way it treats parenting issues in divorce and paternity cases, but parents still face challenges and anxieties. Are you concerned about how your parental rights or relationship with your child will be affected?

The law office of Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, is available to answer your questions about the changes in Florida child custody laws, to explain how shared parenting plans work and to help you establish a shared parenting plan that suits your needs and the needs of your children.

E-mail or call us at 407-965-2256 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney, free of charge.

Florida Law Shifts From Custody and Visitation to Shared Parenting

Florida law has changed the way it deals with the delicate issues involving children in a divorce, separation or paternity case. While the focus is still on achieving a solution that serves the best interests of the children, Florida no longer uses the term child custody or child visitation. Terms such as sole custody, joint custody, legal custody, physical custody and visitation have been written out of Florida law. Instead, Florida courts now focus on establishing a shared parenting plan that addresses three parenting issues: parental responsibility, time sharing and support.

  • Parental Responsibility: Parental responsibility refers to responsibility in the upbringing of the children. The shared parenting plan will need to clearly lay out how parents will share in making important decisions affecting the children, what religious upbringing they will have, what school they will attend, how health care needs will be met, etc.
  • Time sharing: Rather than the old child custody-visitation model, the court now uses time sharing to refer to how time will be divided between the parents. Your shared parenting plan will need to address where the child will live, how much time will be spent with each parent and what schedule the family will follow for time sharing.
  • Support: Florida law still uses child support to describe the financial support necessary for a parent to provide for the needs of the child. However, child support can now be addressed in the shared parenting plan. Parents can choose to establish support based upon Florida child support guidelines. Or, parents can deviate from the typical model to address daycare costs, additional medical needs, school or extracurricular expenses or expenses related to raising a special needs child.

Our Commitment to You

Our law firm is dedicated to providing you with the kind of legal representation you deserve. To us, that means working closely with you to understand your goals and ensure the shared parenting plan truly reflects your needs and the needs of your children. Our many successful results demonstrate our dedication to hard work, our genuine concern for clients and the trust that we instill in each client. Many former clients have shown their confidence in our services by sending a friend or family member our way when they are faced with a difficult family law problem — and we are happy to serve their needs with the same level of compassion, support and experience.

To get more than 25 years of experience on your side, call on the law office of Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law. E-mail or call us at 407-965-2256 to discuss your case.

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